Projects We’re Working On

Unbroken Faith Ministries has several projects in the works, including two illustrated children’s books that bring exciting stories from history to life, a new studio album featuring great folk songs, hymns, and Scriptures put to music, as well as a biblical blueprint for responding to the marriage crisis. We invite you to learn more about these efforts and welcome your prayers and support as we work to complete them.

Great Music from Ages Past

Near the banks of Squaw Creek and by the waters of the Pedernales, the sound of music could once be heard from two Texas families. This is our family heritage from our Holden and Strackbein forebears, and drawing from our kinfolk’s legacy, we are happy to announce a new family music project. This studio recording will showcase a sampling of some of our favorite folk songs, hymns, and Scriptures put to music, and will feature a variety of stringed and wind instruments. And, yes, it will include a bit of singing too!


A Response to the Marriage Crisis

On June 26, 2015, five black-robed judges of the United State Supreme Court defied God’s Word and mocked our nation’s constitutional system when they declared by fiat that homosexuals have the right to marry. In What Now? A Blueprint for Responding to the Marriage Crisis, Unbroken Faith Ministries will carefully examine marriage biblically and historically and will offer a practical blueprint for cultural engagement in all three spheres: family, church, and state.