The team of Unbroken Faith Ministries is a “family team,” otherwise known as the Texas contingent of the Roger Strackbein family.

Roger and Jenny Strackbein are the blessed parents of seven children and six grandchildren. Their two oldest daughters, Sherena and Melody, are married and live with their husbands and families in Wisconsin and Virginia, respectively. Their oldest son Wesley and four youngest daughters Jenna, Shanna, Emily, and Elisabeth, live outside of Aransas Pass, Texas, and they—along with Roger and Jenny—form the highly-imperfect yet pressing-onward team of Unbroken Faith Ministries.

The activities and interests of the Strackbeins are widely diverse and include entrepreneurship, building and renovating homes, filmmaking, playing classical and folk music and songs of the faith for family and friends, troubleshooting mechanical problems, cultivating vegetable and herb gardens, reading and studying history and theology (and then reading and studying more history and theology!), and actively drawing from and investing in the lives of their grandparents and extended family.

In addition to time with family, the Strackbeins are involved in the local church, strongly believing in its importance to the life of a Christian. In all their efforts, they are striving to better understand the times and more fully discern how Christ’s sovereign Lordship and sufficient Scripture relates to the critical challenges that confront the church and broader culture today. And, with God’s help and provision, they are seeking to pass the truths they learn on to others and to encourage the restoration of the true faith in every sphere.

The Strackbeins are humbled by the rich and undeserved grace they’ve received as unworthy sinners, and they view their work with Unbroken Faith Ministries as a point of practical stewardship. Their desire is to make the most of what they’ve been given for the glory of Christ and the furtherance of His kingdom.

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